Robert Richter



The author of eight books, including poetry, fiction, and regional history, Robert Richter has a forty-year relationship with Mexico, and that cultural geography inspires his work.  In 2000 Richter won the Nebraska Arts Council’s Literary Achievement Award, and in 2007, he was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Buenos Aires.  Richter has also been a wheat farmer, substitute teacher, and tour guide in Latin America.

Now available! “Something”  new in 2015

“This gripping tale of archaeologists, drug smugglers, assorted locals and small-time hustlers searching for Cortés’ treasure, is the third Cotton Walters mystery, and the best yet!”

Robert Richter is the author of the Something series of mystery novels set in Mexico and featuring Cotton Waters, known to his fishermen buddies along the Blue Coast as "Algo," (Spanish for "Something").  The Series includes Something In Vallarta 1991), Something Like A Dream (2014), and, set to appear in 2015, Something For Nothing. CottonWaters works his "cultural services" hustle in the streets of Old Town Puerto Vallarta, taking care of dubious business on the seedier sides of the Mexican Riviera for the restless and rich--and sometimes for the needy. 

  --Tony Burton, author of  Western Mexico: A Traveler’s Treasury & Lake Chapala Through the Ages: An anthology of travellers’ tales