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 The author of ten books, including poetry, fiction, and regional history, Robert Richter has a forty-year relationship with Latin America, and that cultural geography inspires his work. In 2000 Richter won the Nebraska Arts Council’s Literary Achievement Award for nonfiction, and in 2007, he was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Buenos Aires. Richter has also been a wheat farmer, substitute teacher, and tour guide in Latin America.  .

book cover: Sayulita: Mexico's lost coastal village culture.

Richter's newest work, appearing in 2018

SAYULITA: Mexico's lost coastal village culture

      Before million-dollar condos on HGTV, bachelor romance on ABC prime time, and international surfing tournaments on tourist-packed beaches...

          there was a village of fishermen's families and one lone visitor from another world.

The Cotton Waters/ "Something" Quartet

This series of mystery novels features Cotton Waters, a gringo expatriate in illegal exile on the Mexican west coast. Known to his cantina buddies as “Algo”-Something in Spanish, Waters scrounges survival money out of the Puerto Vallarta tourist trade as a private hustler of a Mexican Riviera lost-and-found-helping some people get lost and finding others -if the price is right or the client’s cause worth the time and interest.

Other books about Mexico by Robert Richter

 Both historical investigation and travelogue, this documented study of the end of the Camino Real and San Blas, Mexico, is woven into the author’s personal account of the search for remnants of Mexico’s colonial road in the lowlands and sierras of modern Nayarit, aided and accompanied in his excursions by various regional historians, local guides, and curious companions. To explore the Nayarit's wild and gorgeous geography, trying to site the ancient Camino Real, is to stumble over another road running toward the state's future economic development as part of the Mexican Riviera.  

This is a biography of the son of Mexico's greatest Presidents, Lazaro Cardenas, and a former presidential candidate himself in 1988, 1994, and 2000. He took steps that would lead to Mexico becoming a multi-party democracy in 2000. This short book provides a comprehensive politial history of modern Mexico, and offers information about many of the political leaders who have shaped Mexico's history in the twentieth century.

This is one of the best anthologies available about life for both expat residents and natives in villages and cities across Mexico.  What set is apart from most other books about living in Mexico is that it's a literary collection of short stories and essays, full of insights by contemporary author who live and write in Mexico.

This Kindle edition of this short story, which appears in SOMETHING TO DIE FOR, published by Egret Press can be downloaded for FREE on Amazon Books..

This anthology of Mexico writers offers descriptions of the best places to see and celebrate the real Mexico. And the Kinle edition is free on Amazon.com

Praise for Richter's "Something" series of mysteries

Something In Vallarta

    Publisher’s Weekly said of Something In Vallarta:

“One part Raymond Chandler and two parts Hunter Thompson, Richter's atmospheric first novel introduces us to Cotton Waters, an expatriate gringo beachbum...in a crackjack plot involving corrupt police, drugs, porn films and sunken treasure....He also captures the flavor of Mexico where “mañana” is the operative word

Something Like A Dream

    James Tipton, book editor for MexConnect.com wrote:

"Some of the passages are lyrical, the stuff of poetry... Something Like a Dream is one of those rare novels that lift me up into a superb literary experience. The discovery of such a fine novel is both a joy and at the same time perplexing to me that it has not reached a broad audience... This novel is must reading for all who enjoy fine literature."

Something For Nothing

  Tony Burton, publisher of Sombrero Books and Co-author of Geo-Mexico: the geography and dyanmics of modern Mexico, wrote:

“This grippling tale of archaeologists, drug smugglers, assorted locals and small-time hustlers searching for Cortés’ treasure, is the third Cotton Walters mystery, and the best yet! Something forNothing is set in the swampy lowlands of coastal Nayarit. Its locales are perceptively observed, the background history entirely plausible, and the dialogue faithfully echoes the voices of its motley crew of colorful characters.”

Something To Die For

  reviewer Lin Robinson writes on Amazon:

"There have been more stories about Cotton/Algo since, all a lot of laid-back fun.
Now comes this collection of stories featuring the same titular character and it's the same kind of local sweetness, but with a more literary tone. I think any fan of Cotton or Nayarit or Mexico or Richter will snap this up, but it could also be a nice introduction in that "universe" for a reader not yet familiar with it."

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